English Summary

VVD Delft is a city council party in Delft on which you can vote on 14, 15 or 16th of march this year, when the municipal elections will be held. VVD Delft can be found on list number 5 and we would like to highlight our five most important points here.

1. Jobs and entrepreneurship
We want the municipality to work well with business associations and entrepreneurs. Delft must be an attractive city to do business, both for start-ups as well as existing businesses that want to grow. Besides this, the VVD Delft wants more jobs for both thinkers and do-ers. To facilitate that, we want to make space for a technical mbo-school (secondary technical vocational training).

2. Housing
Everyone deserves a home. The current housing shortage calls for creative solutions. The VVD Delft advocates for more housing for first-time buyers, students and (young) families. For this purpose, more affordable owner-occupied and rental housing should be built.

3. Climate and sustainability
Delft must and wants to become more sustainable. It is important that this does happen in a feasible and affordable way. Delft must become climate-adaptive in order to arm itself against more extreme weather conditions. In addition, the energy transition must be guided in the right direction, with the aim of being climate neutral in 2050.

4. Safety
Delft must be a safe place. Because without safety, there is no freedom. VVD Delft advocates a tough approach against crime and intimidation in our neighbourhoods. The approach must be faster and more effective against undermining crime, for example through the use of cameras or more blue on the streets.

5. Finances
Delft must remain affordable for everyone who lives there, which is why VVD Delft advocates lower housing costs for everyone. We want to lower taxes to the national average. In addition, we want to reduce parking fees for residents and visitors.